Prof. P. Krishna
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Rajghat Education Centre, Krishnamurti Foundation India  
Rajghat Fort  
Varanasi 221001, U.P., India.  

Tel +91-542-2441356  


Prof. Prof. P. Krishna is a Trustee of the Krishnamurti Foundation India, staying at the Rajghat Education Center in Varanasi, India. He was the Rector of the center and Principal of the Rajghat Besant School from 1986 to 2002. As a trustee of the Foundation he continues to be involved with its activities. He has written articles and books on various issues relating to the teachings of J. Krishnamurti .
 He has also delivered lectures on Education, Science and Society to varied audiences.He is an Honorary scientist and Fellow of the Indian National Science Academy, New Delhi, as well as the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.

    Before joining the
Krishnamurti Foundation India , he was a professor of Physics at the Department of Physics, Banaras Hindu University, where had been a faculty member for 24 years. He specialized in Solid State Physics, his area of research and teaching being X-Ray Crystallography.

 Articles, Books and Lectures by P. Krishna  Links to J. Krishnamurti resources 
Krishnamurti as I knew him    











Some recorded lectures on youtube
Krishnamurti and the Direct Perception of Truth
Science and Spirituality Link to Video (Youtube)
The Holistic Perception of Reality
The Pursuit of Happiness
The Art of Dialogue
Right Education for the 21st Century Link to Youtube video
What is Krishnamurti Education ?
The Nature of Issues in the Education of Children
What Divides Us ?
Krishnamurti and Gandhi
What is Holistic Living ?
Impact of Science on Society
Global Violence and Individual Responsibility
Is self an illusion ?
Can there be Relationship without Conflict?
Do Indian Myths have a scientific basis?
The Root Cause of Conflict
What is Right Action ?
Disintegration and Progress
Role of Evaluation in a Krishnamurti School
Annie Besant and Krishnamurti : Two Great Souls in Quest of Truth
Our Relationship with the World
Our Relationship with the World (Part II): Relationship to Society
Our Relationship with the World (Part III): Relationship to our Fellow Human Beings
Our Relationship with the World (Part IV): Relationship to Oneself
Is there a Path to Truth ?
Krishnamurti and Theosophy : A Dialogue with Radha Burnier
Dialog with David Moody: An Inquiry into the Teachings of Krishnamurti
The Future in Now
Ahimsa (Non-Violence) in Daily Life
Is Krishnamurti's Teaching Practical ?
Democracy, Education, Science and Spirituality (An interview with Javier Collado Ruano)
What is a Krishnamurti School ? ( An interview with Ulrich Brugger )
Book: Right Living in Modern Society
Krishnamurti's Teachings : An Interview with Peter Jonkers
NEW BOOK: A Jewel On a Silver Platter: Remembering Krishnamurti
Thought, Knowledge, Intelligence and Wisdom (Youtube video)
Book: Education, Science and Spirituality (***)

*** This book has been published by the Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, Chennai 600020, India, and can be ordered here or by sending an email to or

In USA, this is available from the

          Krotona bookshop,
           Ojai, CA 93023
           Tel. # 805-646-0873 
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